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REDWORK or LINEWORK – as simple as using tracing paper and a pencil.

The technique to create beautiful redwork using Creative DRAWings software is just like using tracing

paper and a pencil – except – you do it on the PC.


“I’m the world’s worst drawer” ……… doesn’t  matter.


Imagine this, instead of rubbing out a line if you make a mistake, you can simply use the tip of your pencil to “push” the line where you want it to be.


Very fast. Very accurate. Very easy.


Your attention is only on creating the lines you want.


DRAWings looks after the rest.


No jump stitches for a seamless stitch out can be achieved as DRAWings calculates the best way to stitch the design.


When you have the picture looking the way you want it, add effects by changing  from double stitch to triple stitch or one of many other options with a simple click of the mouse.


Now you can capture those memorable moments in minutes.


Your memories captured in your projects. It doesn’t get better.


Photos and childrens drawings are terrific sources of inspiration.Koby_its_all_about_me.jpgcars_50mm_w.jpgBitmap_in_koby_sketch_collage_50mm_w.cdr.jpg