The following comments are typical of what we are constantly told by owners of embroidery machines.


"I have an embroidery machine and up until now I have found that digitizing my own designs is difficult, the software is expensive and hard to learn, and it's a struggle  to find help."


Can you relate to this experience?


Good news ........................................................................................ you are in the right place.



Creative DRAWings ® - for beginners to advanced

The software that you're looking at represents the most advanced technology in the embroidery design field today. With the innovative features in Creative DRAWings®, you can easily transform your ideas into beautiful embroideries to stitch out on your machine. 
Creative DRAWings® is not like other embroidery software on the market. It is designed to do the "thinking", allowing your creative ideas to flow free. That means you don’t have to worry about the technical issues in creating your embroidery design.

Creative DRAWings is easy to learn and fun to use. While specifically designed for the hobby and domestic embroidery user, the power of Creative DRAWings continues to surprise small business and skilled digitizers.


All You Need to Start is an Image

This could be a piece of clip art, an existing embroidery file, a photo, one of the children's drawings, or other file which you will use to create unique embroidery designs. The software includes tools to help you draw your ideas right on the monitor screen, and with only a few mouse clicks, changes them into personalized creations. 
New and original embroidery designs that you can proudly share with your family, friends, and fellow embroidery enthusiasts are easily within your reach. Creative DRAWings® is powerful - but very easy to use software. Everybody, and we do mean EVERYBODY, can be creative! You love your hobby and you deserve to enjoy it; let your imagination run wild... be creative with Creative DRAWings®!

Capture those memorable moments and create beautiful embroidery for quilting or embellishing any garment. It's easy and fun with Creative DRAWings®. This design was made in minutes from my grandson's first ever drawing that was not scribble. A masterpiece. You can't but that on a CD collection.


Creative DRAWings® is easy to learn and use. You get all the help you need. Read more on this website about our support policy. You will be pleaseantly surprised.

Creative DRAWings® fundamentally has three simple drawing tools, and one simple edit tool. You will use these tools to make and change any line or shape you can imagine. The bells and whistles are a breeze once you learn the basics.

The technical stuff like stitch pull compensation, stitch density, underlay stitches, etc, this is all taken care of in the advanced and unique technology in the Creative DRAWings® "engine". You simply choose from the menu the fabric you want your design to be stitched on, and Creative DRAWings makes the decisions for you.

At any time you can choose a different fabric from the menuand the design will re-calculate.

Of course you can edit almost infinitely the stitch fills and outlines with different patterns and styles, changing the directions and ....................... well simply make it look the way you want it to look