DRAWings® 6 PRO - for those who need more functions, small business, and for making rhinestone templates.





DRAWings®, the first embroidery software to be fully integrated with graphics designing software now goes one step beyond with the powerful combination of its new easy-to-use built-in designer and its ability to work seamlessly with other graphics software left intact!  

Using the latest graphics technologies, DRAWings® is easy to learn and use but has the power and functionality you expect from leading edge software.

Use any existing graphics or embroidery files. Create your own designs from scratch with far more ease, transform and edit shapes, add text, all in 3D designing mode. Produce stunning designs with crystals/rhinestones easily that you can combine with embroidery or textile printing.

The new array fill will change the way you fill your embroidery designs.

The new automated monogramming tool together with the hundreds of decorative frames (Borders, Corners, Sides) will give you all you need to create your monogram designs.

You can now use the software to create and cut your appliqué designs or any other material by connecting it directly with the most popular cutters in the market. 

Bicycle with crystals/rhinestones Flower with crystals/rhinestones Ski with crystals/rhinestones


Crafting and Cutting

The creation of cutting designs is another feature that has been added in the software. It is a powerful tool that can be used not only for embroideries and appliqué but also for any kind of crafts that include material cutting that your cutter can cut. Create a design you want to cut and with a click you can send it to your cutting machine. This feature upgrades the software and it makes it suitable for many different crafting projects.


Cutwork design 1 Cutwork design 2 Cutwork design 3


Embroidery designing

The embroidery part of the software is really enhanced with new features such us manual embroidery sequencing, auto border functionality for creating perfect "echo" effects, "Net fill" stitch type for perfect laces and filling cut fabrics, automatic image conversion to Photo-stitch and embroidery machine simulation with "slow redraw" for visualizing the embroidery process.


Embroidery digitizing and designing 1 Embroidery digitizing and designing 2 Embroidery digitizing and designing 3


Computerized quilting

Computerized quilt sector has now a new powerful friend that will upgrade quilting in the next level. The quilt decoration styles that DRAWings include will cover most quilting needs and change the way you experiencing your hobby.


Quilt designing 1 Quilt designing 2 Quilt designing 3


Digital garment printing

The new technology of Digital Garment Printing is now supported from the software. You can export the improved 3D realistic embroidery preview to embroidery look images and print them on garments or any other material. Any graphics or embroidery images created from the software can become the theme of your next print work without using any other software.


Digital garment printing 1 Digital garment printing 2 Digital garment printing 3


Textile printing (Heat transfer printing)

With DRAWings you can combine embroidery with heat transfer printing. Create or load the artwork you like, print it on the fabric by using heat transfer paper and you are ready. If you want you can use your embroidery machine to embroider some parts of the design over the printed image and create a unique “eye catchy” result.


Textile printing (Heat transfer printing) 1 Textile printing (Heat transfer printing) 2 Textile printing (Heat transfer printing) 3