DRAWings PRO is not available via resellers

DRAWings PRO we can ship worldwide

Due to contractual obligations we can not ship Creative DRAWings outside of Australia and New Zealand

You can by directly Creative DRAWings directly from us, however, if you are a customer of or live nearby one of the reseller below, please contact them direct. We support our resellers.



We’re different.

We have to be different to meet your needs.

Most people who own an embroidery machine have had an experience similar to this: You bought the machine and you bought some digitizing software. The software was not cheap but it’s difficult to use and help is hard to find when you need it.

There are not too many places who offer effective training for digitizing software and we understand this. This is not a criticism, it's a reality. Keeping up with everything in any business is a big ask.

That's why we do one thing, and we do it better than anyone.

That’s why our resellers must be able to demonstrate an understanding of Creative DRAWings®. They don't have to be experts, but they must be able to help, and if they can't help we will help them to help you.

From time to time you may need some assistance.

We want you to be able to use and enjoy Creative DRAWings®

As a user of DRAWings® software you can be assured of the best service and attention at all times.

Where can you buy?

We support our resellers. If you are a regular customer of one pof our resellers we will expect that they have introduced you to Creative DRAWings.

If you are not sure please contact us direct, and if appropriate we will refer you to one of our resellers for sales and service, otherwise you will deal directly with us.




Micro 2000 Australia Embroidery (authorised distributor)

22 Foley St, Gwynneville, NSW 2500

02 4225 9047




Alice's Cre8ive Embroidery - Mt. Manganaui NZ

3/60 Aviation Ave
Mount Maunganui



Camberwell Sewing Center - Camberwell VIC

849 Burke Road

03 9882 7673





Lismore Sewing Centre  - Lismore NSW

108 Woodlark Street  

Lismore NSW 2480

(02) 6621 3158


Creative Home Sewing Center  - Coffs Harbour NSW

Corner Scarba & Murdock Street

Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

02 6652 1863